Green New Year's Resolutions could save you £1,000

Coriander leaves

What are your New Year's Resolutions? You don't have to go big; some small changes to your life could make a big difference to the environment and even your bank balance.

According to environmental charity Hubbub, which has teamed up with Ikea, these five resolutions could save you £1,000 over 2018.

The big one is cutting food waste. They've calculated that by cooking meals from scratch and using up leftovers for your packed lunch three times a week instead of buying takeaway food, you could pocket a massive £504 this year.

Speaking of takeaways, using a refillable water bottle three times a week instead of buying a new plastic bottle of drink could save you at least £142 a year – maybe more if you have a reusable coffee cup to have filled with your morning caffeine hit.

And if you're a foodie, you could save a pretty huge £134 a year by growing your own herbs and salad. A hydroponics kit is easy to use for growing edible plants on your window sill, but just some little pots will do the job too.

Here's Sarah from Hubbub showing you how it's done (check out more helpful videos on the Hubbub YouTube channel).


Want to save another £166 in 2018? Switching out 20 low-energy, long-lasting LED lightbulbs in your house would cost around £55 but save you £220 a year on electricity bills, and you can choose LED bulbs in loads of types of lighting colour and size.

Making your home more cosy is a great idea in January anyway, and could save you £85 a year. Make draught excluders from scrap materials and hang curtains in front of draughty doors, put better insulated blinds or curtains over windows and just having a thicker duvet on your bed will keep you warmer, letting you turn your heating down by just 1ºC and save a few notes.

AND, by reducing plastic, food waste and carbon emissions, you're helping the environment. Win-win.

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