Give a G&T a DIY kick for cocktail hour

Old Hamlet botanicals for spirits

Let's meet up for cocktails – in about eight weeks' time? These little bags from Old Hamlet contain all you need to turn ordinary gin and vodka into cocktail-ready spirits. Just give it time. 

All tied up in little drawstring bags sewn in the UK (£3.80 each), you'll find the Orange Gin mix containing spicy cinnamon, orange peel, clove, vanilla, allspice, cacao and bay. Add it to a bottle of ol' mother's ruin, leave it to infuse for a couple of months and open it up to a citrusy spirit.

Old Hamlets cocktails 2

Similarly, warm up standard voddy with the ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, clove and cardamom mix found in the Gingerbread Vodka bag, or try your own alcoholic alchemy with the classic Gin bag: 17 different herbs and spices like juniper, pink pepper, lavender, coriander, rosehip and grains of paradise, all blended together to give vodka the flavour of gin.

No-one said cocktails were healthy, but these are proper spices so you know exactly what you're getting in your flavoured drink. And things always taste better when you've created them yourself, right? Old Hamlet suggests you make a Tom Collins, Singapore Sling or a classic Martini.

Old Hamlet is a spin-off from Steenbergs, a Yorkshire company that makes its products in a carbon-neutral factory with some fancy eco-friendly features. The brands says its herbs, spices and teas are ethically sourced and many carry Fairtrade Foundation and organic marks.

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