Keep your hound happy on holiday

A British holiday with the dogs can be awesome. But owners are being reminded to take steps to ensure their pets are safe while travelling by car.

It's not a cliche: dogs die in hot cars. According to animal rescue charity National Animal Welfare Trust, if it's a comfortable 22ºC outside it could reach 47ºC in a car interior within an hour – with an open window or shady parking spot unlikely to help much.

NAWT is also urging pet owners to keep their dogs secure with a harness, crate or guard after finding that one in five dogs would be unprotected in the event of a car accident. Dogs can also cause a distraction if not properly secured, potentially increasing the risk of a crash.

If there is an accident and the car is towed by a recovery service, the dog may have to stay in the vehicle or could be refused outright depending on the breakdown company and its employees' discretion.

There are other legal and insurance considerations, says NAWT.

"Given summertime is a peak season for road travel, we wanted to warn people about the potential road blocks in their way with regard to their next trip," says NAWT CEO Clare Williams.

"Most of us regard our pets as family members so be prepared for any unwelcome surprises by checking your legal responsibilities, your insurance and make sure your dog is secure while travelling."

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