Exhibition examines humans' relationship to animals

Wellcome Collection rat

The always wonderful Wellcome Collection will examine our relationship with non-human animals in a new exhibition, Making Nature: How We See Animals.

Running from December 1st all the way to May 21st next year, Making Nature will look at how our ideas about animals formed and how they could impact the planet – and ourselves. It will feature over 100 exhibits from literature, film, taxidermy (ew, yes) and photography.

The exhibition in London itself is free, as is a ticketed event on December 2nd where Claudia Hammond and Tim Cockerill will discuss the question 'how can we live with animals?' with a zoologist, a curator, a historian and a live audience. Living With Animals will be recorded and broadcasted on the BBC World Service in March 2017 (so it's quite highbrow).

A gorgeous-looking book, Animal Vegetable Mineral (£12.99), will also help visitors make sense of the nature classification systems used in the 18th and 19th centuries, which are apparently pretty strange in themselves.

Here's a surprisingly stirring short video to get you thinking.

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