Cook using the power of the sun with crowdfunded solar oven

Models for GoSun Fusion

Yes, some people just love a barbecue. But some of us would rather get on with other things while our food's cooking, and not having our clothes smelling of wood smoke (or worse, coal). GoSun Fusion is a solar-powered electric oven that has raised over ten times its crowdfunding target, so it looks like quite a few people are in the latter category.

It's fairly compact and portable and harnesses the power of the sun in 'vacuum tubes' to cook food super-efficiently. When the sun goes down you can plug it into a battery powerbank, so you can stay off-grid for dinner.

CF GoSun Fusion solar oven 2

A GoSun customer described it as 'like cooking in a Thermos, but you have to see it to believe it' and is big enough to cook five full meals, so it'd be good for family camping trips.

The Kickstarter campaign (where the Fusion is available from around £274) finishes on August 23rd with shipping expected next year.

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