Eco-plastic FixIts to prevent sticky DIY situations

FixIts plastic sticks

This looks fun but is actually mega-handy: a new DIY product designed to repair stuff quickly and easily, and made from biodegradable materials.

Described as an 'eco-plastic', FixIts are mouldable, reusable polymer sticks that can be used to fix things like fraying cables, wobbly chair legs and broken suitcase handles. They also make fun labels or even little toys.

CF FixIts eco plastic DIY 2

First put the kettle on (bear with me) and dunk the plastic sticks into the hot water (60ºC) to make them soft, then mould them into shape or just stick them where needed. Once their job is done you can dunk 'em again and reuse them. At the end of their lifetime, the UK-made FixIts are also compostable, according to the brand.

FixIts is currently five times over its Kickstarter target with more than a week to go, so it looks like they're ending up in a lot of kitchen drawers in coming months.

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