Electric car on the shopping list for 40% of Brits

Electric car on charge

Some 41 per cent of British adults expect to buy an electric car in the next decade and 23 per cent would consider doing so in the next five years, new research has revealed.

According to research that tracks purchase intentions carried out by Sainsbury's Bank Loans, the future for drivers is electric – if not quite the present: just three per cent of people planning to buy a car over the next six months are looking at EVs, compared to 52 per cent opting for petrol and 22 per cent looking at diesel. However, 14 per cent are likely to buy a hybrid.

Eleven per cent of drivers polled said they are 'seriously considering' buying an electric vehicle for environmental reasons. This rises to 16 per cent if motorists could be sure of finding electric charging points at all petrol stations and motorway services.

Sainsbury's Bank Loans says interest in zero-emission vehicles is being boosted by government support for the new tech and tax changes for cars emitting CO2.

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