Ikea's solar battery storage system could save 70% on bills

Ikea Solarcentury solar panels

Ikea has been championing off-the-peg solar panel systems for some time, and has now announced a battery storage system to help users retain their power and save up to 70 per cent off their electricity bills.

Available from £3,000 (or £5,000 if you already have panels), the solar battery storage is designed for use with existing solar panels or with a whole new system, supplied through Ikea's partnership with Solarcentury.

A battery enables householders to store the power produced by their photovoltaic panels, so they can use it later. At the moment, typical solar panel users only use around 40 per cent of their energy and send the remaining majority to the National Grid at a loss compared to its value, explains Ikea. An energy storage system could double the amount actually consumed to 80 per cent and, looking at average electricity bills, could save £560 each year. That's knocking 70 per cent off standard bills.

"We know that our customers want to live more sustainably and together with Solarcentury we will help them to get more value from their solar panels and do just that," says Hege Saebjornsen, Country Sustainability Manager, Ikea UK & Ireland.

"With energy bills already going up 15 per cent this year, there's never been a better time for customers to take back control of their electricity bills and maximise their savings by switching to solar and solar storage."

Susannah Wood, Head of Residential Solar at Solarcentury, adds: "The cost of solar installations has dropped considerably in recent years and is in fact 100 times cheaper than it was 35 years ago."

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