Light your home with footstep power

Hillary's Kinetic Carpet graphic

Are kinetic carpets the floors of the future? They're not here yet, but the curtain and carpet specialist Hillary's is predicting that energy-harvesting floor-coverings are on their way.

A web of 'power blocks' fitted in the base of a carpet would contain piezoelectric material that, when you walked over it, would compress up to 8mm under the weight and create an electrical charge. This electricity could then power home appliances, such as kettles or lamps, directly or be stored in a battery.

It's very possible that all your LED lights could be powered using just your own feet.

"Solar panels and wind turbines are great and create a lot of energy, but rely on nature as their power source," says Hillary's Spokesperson Tanya Irons. "The Kinetic Carpet would make it possible to illuminate a room with nothing more than footsteps."

Hillary's has put together these images while they work on the real thing.

Hillarys Kinetic Carpets 2

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