Occo smashes crowdfunding target with 'molecularly fresher' spices

Occo spice cards

Did you know that oxygen, light, heat and humidity can ruin your herbs and spices, often sending them bin-wards? A new design for spice packaging has just smashed its target on Kickstarter, adding to the discussion about food waste.

Instead of packaging spices in jars or bags, Occo's organic ground ginger, basil, paprika, et al, comes in aluminium cards that look like blister packs for meds. Each chamber contains a quarter of a teaspoon of each herb or spice, which is probably the perfect amount for most dishes, leaving the remainder all sealed up nicely.

You might have seen something similar before, but Occo says the difference is that it flushes each little chamber with argon, a food-safe gas that displaces oxygen and inhibits the enzymes that increase the rate of oxidation, meaning bacteria can't survive. This leaves the ingredient fresher for longer than if it were in a little jar.

On the face of it, it looks like a lot of packaging. But Occo says that since aluminium is fantastically recyclable – '75 per cent of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today', it notes – and you'll be reducing food waste by not letting your ingredients go bad in the cupboard, it's a more eco-friendly option.

Occo adds that its spices are sourced 'from a network of organic, ethical suppliers around the world' too. Time to get the cookbook out?

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