Save our speakers: Vamp returns to resurrect old tech

Vamp Stereo and Vamp Speaker

The Vamp is back and even better prepared to save more outdated audio equipment from landfill.

Originally launched in 2013, the Vamp is a portable audio device that connects your phone or tablet to vintage speakers, essentially turning them into Bluetooth speakers saving them from going to waste (and giving a retro look to your home). The first Kickstarter campaign resulted in sales of over 10,000 units worldwide and awards for the designers.

Now it's back on the crowdfunding site with a better – but no bigger – model, the Vamp Stereo, able to connect to two speakers using Bluetooth. Not only that – there's a partner product, the Vamp Speaker, for people who don't have cool vintage speakers to reuse.

While it's not as eco-friendly as using old speakers that are waiting around to get the party started, the Vamp Speaker's box is made of low-toxic, sustainable FSC-certified OSB board, produced from small trees that are usually farmed, and is fitted with speaker cones and electronics made from recycled materials. And if you do have old speakers, you can still attach them to the new Vamp Speaker via the Vamp Stereo to create your own configuration – a wall of sound, if you will.

The #SaveASpeaker campaign on Kickstarter has early-bird offers on the new Vamp products (from £39 for the Vamp Stereo) and packages including vintage speakers rescued from a recycling centre.

With a couple of weeks to go it's already over three-quarters of the way to its crowdfunding target. Here's a video with more info.

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