Self-filling bottle makes water from thin air

Fontus water bottle

You've probably spotted the Fontus self-filling water bottle – that magical gadget that collects and stores water from just the air and light around it. It's been on a lot of people's radar for some time, even being included in the James Dyson Award.

Well, good news: it's now available on Indiegogo. From an early bird price of $165 (£116) you can get your hands on the sorcery that is the Fontus Ryde, designed specifically for thirsty cyclists. As you cycle, the bottle uses solar power and the air stream you create to press humid air into the system, producing water.

Also available is the standalone Fontus Airo, which uses solar power, a small fan, a filter and a series of little coolers to draw moisture from the air and turn it into liquid water with no movement needed.

The Fontus may sound a little pricy but it could literally save your life in an emergency, plus enables an impromptu hike or bike ride without having to stock up on heavy water bottles. And, because it can be used in humanitarian missions, the crowdfunding campaign will also support the development of a cheaper version for regions of water scarcity.

Here the Fontus team explains the design (with dramatic music!).

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