Too Good To Go to crowdfund launch of app in more cities

Too Good To Go sign

Too Good To Go has launched a crowdfunding campaign to roll out its food-saving app in more cities across the UK.

Currently operating in London, Leeds, Birmingham and Brighton, the service allows people to pick up cut-price takeaways from restaurants with surplus food that may otherwise be binned. As a social enterprise, Too Good To Go says it is determined to reduce the amount of food wasted by UK restaurants – around 600,000 tonnes each year.

So far, the free iOS and Android app has been downloaded over 70,000 times and more than 4,300 meals have been collected in biodegradable boxes and given a good home. But to expand the service to UK cities such as Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow and Liverpool, £16,800 is needed.

"Since launching in June, the support for what we are doing has been overwhelming and demand to rapidly get out into other UK cities even more so," says Chris Wilson, Co-founder of Too Good To Go UK.

"Food waste is something that the public are rightly becoming increasingly concerned about, not just those working in sustainability, and we feel that Too Good To Go is helping to drive mainstream awareness of the topic whilst also providing a viable solution."

He explains that so far the project has been funded entirely on university grants but needs more cash to expand.

"Through crowdfunding, we are hoping to raise enough to expand in line with this demand, save even more food from heading unnecessarily to the bin, and develop further our charitable Pay-It-Forward scheme. This way of accumulating the money also perfectly gives people the chance to join us for the ride by pledging towards our mission to eradicate food waste in the restaurant industry."

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Just under £7,000 has so far been pledged via Crowdfunder, with rewards starting at £5.

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