Ayurveda inspires natural facial oils for urban lives

Urban Veda facial oil launch party

Urban Veda has looked to the Indian traditions of Ayurveda to inspire its new natural facial oils, developed to meet specific skin needs.

Containing only natural and vegan ingredients, the new blends (£29.99 each) include Purifying Facial Oil – suited to the Kapha Dosha substance found in Ayurvedic tradition – for oily and acne-prone skin, with healing moringa, gotu kola and antibacterial organic neem oil to detoxify, hydrate and refresh.

Urban Veda facial oils

For Pitta Dosha types, or those with skin that needs deep hydration, the Soothing Facial Oil has a lightweight and non-greasy texture to revive and moisturise skin. Radiance Facial Oil, suited to the Vata Dosha, contains turmeric, liquorice and papaya to even out hyperpigmentation.

Dry skin and Tri-Doshic types can be replenished with the rose, argan oil and nourishing Ayurvedic shatavari found in the Reviving Facial Oil.

Urban Veda looks to karma for its packaging too: the British brand's bottles are made from post-consumer recycled plastic and its cartons carry the FSC badge.

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