Beautiful disintegration inspires Natalie Perry's Fairtrade collection

Model for Natalie Perry Jewellery

Natalie Perry's new jewellery collection is inspired by disintegrating murals from the walls of ancient Indian temples, all made from Fairtrade gold.

Comprising necklaces, statement earrings, studs and ear jackets (from £690 to £2,950), the range from the UK-based designer features gold filigree leaves and blossoms with diamond accents, and floral blooms made from rose quartz and white diamonds set in 18ct yellow gold.Natalie Perry Fairtrade 2

The brand sources its Fairtrade-certified gold from the Sotrami Mine in Peru. Natalie Perry comments: "During an event about Fairtrade Gold in London in 2015, I heard first-hand, from a miner, the life changing and positive impact that Fairtrade Gold has had for her, her family and community.

"She told us how amazed she and her colleagues had been when they received a piece of equipment that meant that a job that usually took days, now only took a few hours. She also explained that she and her team had been unaware of the dangers of some of the chemicals they used, which had previously put the health and lives of themselves and their families at risk. Her stories really moved me and I decided that Fairtrade Gold was the only way forward for Natalie Perry Jewellery."

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