Bensly takes on mission to create 'world's most sustainable' menswear

Model for Bensly

Bensly's new menswear collection is smashing its crowdfunding target, reflecting the brand's pretty advanced commitment to sustainability.

Available via Kickstarter, the collection of boxer briefs, T-shirts and sweats are made from Tencel, a fabric manufactured from eucalyptus. Bensly says the crops are grown on Austrian forest land that is unsuitable for growing food – and create a silky-soft, breathable fabric.

The fabric is also produced in a closed-loop system that recycles all solvents, and the brand names the factories that actually make the clothes, so it's all pretty green and transparent.

Bensly is a Los Angeles company but is throwing in free a pair of boxers for international customers who have to pay extra for shipping. It all looks pretty green, cool and comfy – which is presumably why it has smashed its crowdfunding target threefold, with two weeks still to go.

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