Cleansing wipes latest to go Naked at Lush

Model fo Lush 7 To 3

Lush's campaign to cut single-use plastics continues with the launch of new reusable and biodegradable cleansing pads, designed as an alternative to facial wipes.

The 7 To 3 cleansing wipes (£2 each) are named after Lush's 9 To 5 cleanser, with which the pads are imbued (plus the Lush Manufacturing working hours of 7am to 3pm – those early birds). The cleansing action comes from a carrageenan and cannellini bean base, with clarifying fresh dove orchid infusion and balancing ylang ylang.

They're water-activated: wet one side of the pad to get the cleanser going, work it into damp skin and rinse it away. You can then rinse the wipe under the tap, leave it to dry (Lush recommends a drainable soap dish) and use it again.

Lush To 3 Facial Wipes launch 2

At the end of its life it is biodegradable, says Lush – unlike most standard wet wipes which, according to figures from Water UK, make up 93 per of the material found in sewer blockages. Ones that escape a fatberg may well end up in our oceans.

"The main driver that inspired us to create 7 To 3 cleansing wipes came from a TV programme that Lush Co-founder Helen Ambrosen watched on the devastation that wipes are having on the environment," explains Lush Product Inventor, Gary Shears. "Following this we started doing some research of our own and discovered a number of shocking facts and statistics.

"With this new invention, a reusable and biodegradable replacement to traditional facial wipes, we have created a product that has a positive impact on your skin without causing harm to the environment. It's a proud moment knowing that we have done something to reduce the number of wipes ending up in the ocean."

A dollop of cleanser on a reusable cloth or biodegradable cotton wool pad would do the same job, yes. But for those who rely on 'disposable' facial wipes this is a definite alternative.

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