Clearly's favourites: Childrenswear

Children's legs

By Morwenna Kearns

There are some incredible ethical and eco-friendly childrenswear and accessories brands out there, ensuring your kids can be cool and cute while helping out the Earth. Here are a few of our favourites.

Kit and Kin Emma Bunton 3

Cute as a Bunton

When you're dressing your baby, you need to start at the bottom. Emma Bunton is living up to her Baby Spice moniker with Kit & Kin, a new brand offering biodegradable nappies, nappy sacks and baby wipes. Many would agree washable terry nappies are the way to go, but Kit & Kin says its (very cute) disposable ones will biodegrade within three to six years, compared to the half-millennium typical for plastic nappies. Kit & Kin has an affordable natural skincare range for mums and babies too.

Kids Jake Maya

Do they have it in my size?

The new range from Jake + Maya Kids was successfully funded on Kickstarter this year, bringing the idea of gender-neutral, multifunctional and easily altered clothes for fast-growing children to life. The brand also wants to educate youngsters about sustainability though what they wear.

Kids Po Zu Chewie

Learn Wookiee while you walk

Po-Zu's amazing Star Wars tie-in includes these vegan Wookiee boots (or are they feet?) in children's sizes as well as adult options. They have a a built-in shock-absorbing Foot-Mattress made of coconut fibre for active kids and the non-furry stuff is made from eco-certified microfibre.

HM Conscious Ex Kids

Beach party

For the first time, H&M's Conscious Exclusive collection includes childrenswear like tulle dresses, trousers, blazers and even fragrances. A lot of the range is made from Bionic, a polyester fabric made from recycled shoreline waste, and is suitable for even the most sophisticated junior partygoer.Piggy Paint UK launch 2

This little piggy…

And what better way to complete an eco-friendly outfit than nail polish that promises to be 'as natural as mud'? Piggy Paint's Periwinkle Little Star, Sleepover and Sea-Quin et al is biodegradable, vegan and water-based and in colours many grown-ups would crave (Ice Cream Dream please!).