Cool Y.O.U undies give a small gift to others

Model for Y.O.U

Y.O.U is just about to finish a crowdfunding campaign for its buy-on-give-one campaign: cool underwear that can make a difference to the lives of people in poor communities in Africa.

Standing for Your Own Underwear, the Y.O.U range comprises bralettes and knickers in bikini, boy short and thong styles, and men's trunks. They're ethically made, according to the brand, from totally organic, Fairtrade-certified breathable cotton.

CF Y.O.U underwear 2

Working with Scotland-based charity Smalls for All, a proportion of every Y.O.U purchase helps to meet a basic necessity – underwear – to people in need.

Sarah Jordan from Y.O.U explains. "During a volunteering trip to Uganda in 2016, we saw first hand the impact of women and children not having access to underwear. Many were excluded from school, work or even their community, especially during their periods," she says.

"Y.O.U has a buy one give one model, where every product you buy for yourself helps provide underwear to people in need.

"Underwear is something so simple and that we take for granted every day, but not having access to it actually has a much bigger impact that you think. We believe that if we all make just a small change we can collectively have a huge impact, and even changing something as simple as your underwear can make a difference."

CF Y.O.U underwear 3

Via Kickstarter, the pants are available from £15 each, which includes a cool little bag featuring the 'Y.O.U Make a Difference' slogan. A bralette and knicker set is £38.

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