'Diamond disruptor' Lark & Berry opens piercing studio

Lark & Berry piercing jewellery

Lark & Berry has opened a piercing studio inside its London jewellery shop, meaning you can wear the brand's 'disruptive' precious stones straight away.

The diamonds and stones used in Lark & Berry's demi-fine and fine jewellery are cultured in a lab, neatly sidestepping the massive sustainability and ethical issues associated with mining. They are also 100 per cent traceable, unlike many jewels sourced from mines. The new piercing studio comes stocked with a special collection developed with an expert body piercer, designed to complement existing ranges.

Lark & Berry calls itself 'diamond disruptors' in the luxury jewellery market (prices range from £95 in the piercing range all the way up to fine jewellery at £78,000) and predicts cultured diamonds are the future. Lab-grown diamonds 'have the same chemical structure, brilliant sparkle and are graded in the same way' as mined diamonds, says the brand, so really can be everyone's best friend.

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