Five go-old rings: will you find a traceable gold coin in your stocking?

Betts Investments Hummingbird SMO gold coin

Gold, like diamonds, can be a very dodgy area ethically. A lot of mines are far from sustainable or safe for its workers and, frustratingly for consumers, it's very hard to trace this precious metal. However, you can now get your hands on gold featuring a Single Mine Origin (SMO) stamp.

Described as 'investment grade' (expensive, then), the Hummingbird 24-carat gold coins are being sold in the UK by veteran gold specialist Betts Investments, which says they contains '100 per cent fully-traceable gold from the Yanfolila Gold Mine in West Africa', which is a 'highly ethical mining operation'.

One 1oz (28g) Hummingbird gold coin will sell for around £1,000 – depending on the going rate for gold at the time – and Betts Investments suggests giving one as a luxurious gift for a graduation, birthday or wedding'. It'd certainly be nice to find one in your Christmas stocking.

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