Leaf it out: Zessoo creates wallets made from plants

Zessoo wallet [pic: Instagram]

Zessoo has launched, making no secret of its plant-based roots. Its flagship range of wallets are literally made from fallen leaves, bonded together by natural sunlight and dyed in natural colours.

Available now on Indiegogo, the Peta-approved vegan leaf-leather wallets are affordable (from $21, around £16) but it's definitely slow fashion: it takes six weeks to make each one by hand, and they're all different – although you have a choice of five fun colours.

AJ Joshi, the London-based tech entrepreneur behind Zessoo, explains that he chose to go vegan and launch an animal-free brand after watching films like Cowspiracy – which is why a download of the documentary is included with each wallet bought via the crowdfunding campaign.

CF Zessoo leaf leather 2

Zessoo has big plans to expand the range to include other leaf leather accessories like backpacks and folios. Fallen leaves, cork and waste materials go into the products, which are packaged up in compostable paper impregnated with flower seeds so you can do a bit of guerrilla gardening.

The Zessoo website and its servers are powered by wind farms and renewable energy too, the brand says.

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