London Denim's latest tee 'slow fashion at fast fashion price'

Model for London Denim Eden T

London Denim's latest T-shirt design comes with a caveat: you can have it for a 'fast fashion' price, but only if you're willing to wait for it.

The Eden T is made from two pieces of organic cotton jersey sewn together in one stitch at London Denim's studio – a purposefully easy design in terms of construction. One of the two versions of the Eden T has a breast pocket, added with the same stitch.

London Denim Eden T 2

For £48 you can have it delivered to you in a fortnight, but if you can hold your horses for 90 days the price is cut to £20. This is so that London Denim can bulk order the fabric at a lower price from the supplier and manufacture all the orders in one go, rather than the more time-consuming one-off approach.

"If we can slow down our desires just a bit, perhaps we can buy our brains time to think more sustainably," explains Simon King, the British brand's Creative Director.

"Perhaps we won't have to see now/buy now. Perhaps we can develop patience again. This T is simple, it looks cool and is part of our effort to introduce "new" into the world without messing it up. Perhaps it can even be the inspiration behind someone's story about how he's thinking a bit more sustainably too."

The stylishly easy, one-stitch design is available at both the slow and fast fashion prices via Kickstarter in two styles and three colours.

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