Punk-inspired upcycling wins Tess Whitfort the Redress Design Award

Tess Whitfort and models for Redress Design Award 2018

The Redress Design Award 2018 has been won by Australian designer Tess Whitfort for her punk-inspired, zero-waste collection made from ends of rolls salvaged from the fashion industry.

The annual competition promote and celebrate sustainable design in fashion by showcasing the work of incredible international designers. These include patterns with minimal wasted fabric, upcycled materials and steps to reduce the environmental impact of clothes at every step – and the collections are never boring.

Tess Whitfort was selected from eleven finalists whose work was presented at a runway show in Hong Kong. The prize includes working with The R Collective, a new upcycled fashion brand that has emerged from Redress, to create an upcycled collection for sale to the public.

Redress Design Award 2018 winner Whitfort 2

Redress and The R Collective have been established to tackle the frankly outrageous amount of textiles that are wasted in the fashion industry – among many more ecological issues that desperately need addressing.

"The scale of textile waste across the fashion value chain is staggering... An estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is now generated each year," says Christina Dean, Founder and Board Chair of Redress and Co-Founder of The R Collective.

"These visionary young designers represent the future of the industry where waste continues to grow as a valuable resource for the industry to embrace rather than hide away as a dirty secret. That future is now and it's time to embed this new model for design as standard."

UK designer Lynsey Gibson was also among the eleven finalists.

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