Seaweed gel wraps up Lush's latest lab creation

Model for Lush

Lush has been spending a lot of time in the lab, creating new inventions including a single-use shower gel wrapped up in a biodegradable skin made of seaweed.

These little pods (kids, please don't eat them) are called Atmospheres and are more aromatherapy than skincare. The selection box (£12) contains four Atmospheres, inspiring Joy, Money, Let Go and Love respectively.

Lush Atmospheres seaweed 2

Atmospheres, and other new products like shower bombs, have been launched under the limited-edition #LushMoods umbrella.

Mark Constantine, Co-founder & Managing Director of Lush, explains: "These new products aren't medicines, they are to do with transforming your mood. There's this thing called Brief Strategic Therapy, where someone comes in in one state of mind and leaves in another. That's the idea behind all of this. You have one mood when you get in the bath and another when you leave. They're single-use products – they're a dose."

Lush Atmospheres seaweed 3

Atmospheres are vegan-friendly and when the seaweed gel pod is empty you can throw it either in the compost bin or down the plughole, says Lush, which is only selling them for the next month.

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