Slave to Fashion project to reveal modern slavery

Slave to Fashion book

Slavery is far from over. The fast fashion industry is one of the bad guys of the human rights story and, unsurprisingly, would prefer you didn't know about the men, women and children trapped in 21st-century slavery, making clothes for British high streets.

Safia Minney – the Big Boss of People Tree and general ethical fashion guru – is crowdfunding £35,000 via Kickstarter to uncover modern slavery in the fashion supply chain. The multifaceted project, Slave to Fashion, will include a book, micro-documentaries and an educational outreach programme.

Rewards include copies of the book, ethically made T-shirts and jewellery, and VIP invitations to the Slave to Fashion success party with Safia Minney and designer Zandra Rhodes at her London penthouse.

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