Sweden's must-have Christmas present? Recycled clothes

HUI Research vintage shirts

What's the Christmas Gift of the Year for 2018? In Sweden, it's been named as a recycled garment. Clothes 'made completely or partially from recycled materials or second hand' are the must-have item on Swedes' Christmas wish list, according to research consultancy HUI Research.

Each yule the Christmas Gift of the Year is decided based on three criteria: the product must be new or have seen a burst of fresh interest that year; it should have a high sales value or have already sold a lot of units; and to represent something typical of that year. In 2018, recycled clothes have ticked all these boxes.

HUI Sweden Christmas 2

In the past the must-have gift has usually been pretty techy (VR glasses in 2016; mobile phone in 1994), entertaining (electronic pet in 1997; video game in 1998) or a foodie fad (juice extractor in 2013; bread maker in 1988). Last year's choice was an electric bike, so perhaps sustainability is now for life, not just for Christmas.

HUI Research explains its decision: "The recycled garment reflects the Swedish interest for new sustainable alternatives and increasing concerns about climate and environment. The recycled garment captures a time where new business models and technological innovations enable a more sustainable consumption."

Have some festive fun discovering amazing vintage clothes, unique upcycled pieces and garments made from recycled materials – it's definitely another Scandi Christmas trend we can get on board with.

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