Wake up to 'most sustainable watch ever made'

Awake watch

A new wristwatch brand has launched, with the quite lofty claim that it's making the 'most sustainable watch ever made'. Awake has just released its collection exclusively on Kickstarter, where it pretty much immediately smashed its target.

The range includes watches with a plastic strap made from recycled plastic waste collected from South Asian seas and Japan – it's called Phoenix because it 'has a story to tell' – and ones with a natural rubber strap (with an added 'light vanilla scent' to stop it smelling too rubbery) or recycled stainless steel. There's also a vegetable-tanned leather option.

CF Awake watch

Moreover, the watch mechanism itself is eco-friendly; it uses energy from the wearer rather than a battery. Awake says wearing it for just three hours will provide up to six months of power reserve if you don't use the light.

Awake earns a few more green points by packaging its watches up in 100 per cent recycled and recyclable FSC paper which is 15 per cent lighter than a standard box with the same volume, and by supporting litter-picking volunteer group Trash Hero. Importantly, the watches (from $249, around £191) are also designed for longevity.

The crowdfunding project is running until August 17th.

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