BOL Foods X Tom Hunt co-lab veg pot grows funds for charity

BOL Foods British Pearl Barley and Root Veg Pot

Chef and sustainability campaigner Tom Hunt is responsible for cooking up the new vegetable pot from BOL Foods, with 10p from each pot going to Action Against Hunger.

"All funds raised will go to help save the lives of vulnerable children in India, which has the highest number of malnourished children in the world," explains Matthew White, Director of Fundraising and Communications at Action Against Hunger. "The innovative work we do there is vital in transforming lives and communities."

Despite its Indian connections, the limited edition British Pearl Barley and Root Veg Pot is full of UK flavours and produce, including the pearl barley itself. The chargrilled carrots, parsnips, borlotti and butter beans are served in a tomato, rosemary and thyme sauce and topped with kale and pumpkin seeds. The carrots and peppers used in this vegan-friendly recipe are of the 'wonky' variety – veg deemed too ugly to be sold in supermarkets and may have otherwise been thrown away.

BOL Tom Hunt barley veg pot 2

"I believe that good food should be good (not just for us the eaters but also) for the people involved in its production from the farm to our forks. The way we choose to eat and the products we choose to enjoy can support sustainable and better practice as well as the producers and our environment," comments Tom Hunt.

"This collaboration has been eye-opening and a joy; learning how brilliant and sustainable the food industry can be. I've designed this Veg Pot to utilise the brilliant seasonal produce that we grow in the UK, championing British barley, a hero in my eyes, and so delicious."

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