Childhood chocolate bars recreated with healthy twist

RHYTHM108 Sweet 'n' Salty Almond bar

RHYTHM108 has taken on the challenge of recreating our favourite childhood chocolate bars in a healthier, more eco-friendly form – made from natural or organic, vegan ingredients.

The three new Deeelicious Swiss Chocolate Bar flavours – Hazelnut Praline, Sweet 'n' Salty Almond and Super Coconut (each £1.39/33g) – have been released in time for Organic September and contain things like cacao butter, coconut, oat flour, nuts and quinoa, but no preservatives, artificial flavourings, animal products or gluten.

There is sugar, but RHYTHM108 says it's 8g max per bar, compared to about 26g in the standard chocolate bars you might have chomped on when you were little.

RHYTHM108 Deeelicious Swiss 2

"Everyone has childhood memories of their favourite chocolate bar so to recreate this was a challenge that was really personal for me," says Siddhi Mehta, the brand's founder.

"We're so proud that we've managed to achieve such a great taste using only natural ingredients. We're also very proud to support organic farmers through creating more of a market in this space for them."

Organic September kicks off this Friday (as you might expect) with heaps going on online and IRL to support this more sustainable way of farming. You can learn more on how to make your September more organic on the website of the campaign's organiser, the Soil Association.

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