Clearly's favourites: Seaweed

Seaweed crackers

By Morwenna Kearns

Seaweed doesn't deserve its name, in our opinion; it may be abundant but it's not weedy, or unwanted. Here are some of our favourite ways to use it.

Mintel seaweed

I do like to be beside the seaweed

For an island nation, the UK isn't such a big fan of eating seaweed. That is changing though, apparently, with European sales of seaweed-flavoured food and drink increasing over the past few years. A poll has found that 36 per cent of British people who currently use herbs, spices or seasonings in their cooking would consider replacing salt with ground, dried seaweed – healthier, and just a little more exotic.

Get the roasties on

Seasonal Spuds Cornish

Speaking of which, this delish recipe from chef Jack Stein uses Cornish seaweed salt to season roasted new potatoes. If you can't find it, now being produced in Cornwall, Stein suggests grinding nori (available in most big supermarkets) into coarse sea salt to make your own.

Say thanks with seaweed

Yutaka sushi bouquet

Crazy or genius? You decide. Japanese food brand Yutaka came up with the idea of a sushi bouquet for Mother's Day but it's an ideal gift for any seaweed-loving friend (probably).

The tree of the sea

Atlantavive Ocean Oak

As well as being a moreish food, seaweed is great for your skin. Irish brand Atlantavive responsibly harvests Ocean Oak seaweed in Co. Sligo and boxes it up for its bath soak, helpful for skin conditions and reducing the signs of ageing. Soaking in a seaweed bath can also help muscle and joint pain, says Atlantavive.

Marine moisturiser

Seaweed Green People

Green People knows what it's doing – it's been in the organic beauty business for 20 years, after all. Its limited edition Orange Blossom skincare collection includes Orange Blossom Moisturiser, made with seaweed, green tea and the help of an aromatherapist and essential oil expert.

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