Clipper goes bananas for plastic-free, unbleached teabag

Clipper unbleached teabags

Clipper's teabags are now plastic-free and made from unbleached, non-GM, biodegradable paper – which is worth raising a mug to, frankly.

The new teabags are made from natural, plant-based materials, specifically abaca – a species of banana – blended with plant cellulose fibres and a non-GM bio-polymer called PLA that holds it all together.

The paper is 'biodegradable and compostable to industrial standards' says Clipper; in theory you can put the teabags in your garden compost bin but it'd take a loooong time to break down in the UK's cool climate, so chuck them in your council food waste collection if you have one.

Clipper plastic free teabag 2

Making the announcement on Twitter, Clipper said it was 'the world's first plastic-free, non-GM, unbleached tea bag' – while the company also says it is 'the world's largest Fairtrade tea brand' and has lots of organic options.

All teas produced from October 20th will boast the plastic-free bags, but they might take a while to hit supermarket shelves.

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