Flip the menu to see more veg in restaurants

Mushroom pasta dish

DYK only 18 per cent of diners think a good meal needs to contain meat? That's good news for the environment, which is taking a kicking from intensive meat production, but restaurants seem slow to offer vegetable-centric dishes on their menus.

Food Made Good, a campaign from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, is getting all up in restaurants' grills this month to #FlipTheMenu. Throughout August, it is asking eateries – with your help – to make veggies their star attraction.

So far, 59 restaurants have agreed to #FlipTheMenu, making plant-based dishes mains rather than sides, and really making a fuss about vegetables' flavours and provenance.

They're also being asked to make meat a treat, by making starters meat-free and portions smaller. By having meat less frequently, diners can afford better, more responsibly sourced cuts that have a lesser impact on the environment.

Check out @FoodMadeGood on Instagram and Twitter for some menu takeovers; restaurants like River Cottage are putting vegetable dishes front and centre in their kitchens.