Herbal drinks guide celebrates the power of plants

Drink from The Herball's Guide to Botanical Drinks by Michael Isted

A new book is packed with recipes for 'botanical drinks and herbal potions', giving your body a boost using plant-based ingredients.

The Herball's Guide to Botanical Drinks by Michael Isted (published by Jacqui Small, £20), contains 58 non-alcoholic drinks recipes, ranging from stimulating cleansers and brain boosters to love elixirs and sleep tonics.

There's also information on how you can harvest the ingredients in season yourself and on processing techniques like fermentation and distillation.

Michael Isted The Herball

Author Michael Isted is the chap behind The Herball, an online platform dedicated to sharing knowledge of plants for health and happiness, as well as a drinks specialist, a trained phytotherapist, aromatherapist, nutritionist and beverage consultant.

"Having worked in the food and drink industry for my whole life, creating drinks for hotels, restaurants, bars and spas all over the world, I was happy… but I knew there was something more to come," he says. "I decided to give up my job and dedicate my time to learning from the plants and from other people who had spent their lives doing the same.

"This book is a celebration of plants, a contemporary collection of recipes designed to help you engage with the nature that surrounds you."

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