Know your onions hate taters to cut food waste

Sainsbury's Culinary Companionship Code

Onions taint the flavour of potatoes when stored together, while bananas will make other fruit and vegetables ripen more quickly. Such is the advice of Sainsbury's, which has published a guide to storing produce to reduce food waste.

Compiled by Product Technologists, the Culinary Companionship Code is part of Sainsbury's Waste less, Save more campaign and is designed to help shoppers reduce the amount of food chucked in the bin – currently amounting to £700 worth per year for the average UK household.

The code is a handy guide to which fruit and veg can be stored happily together and which emanate ethylene, a gas known to make other foods spoil.

Sainsburys Culinary Companionship 2

"Apples and watermelons are long-term enemies while bananas don't play well with others and should be kept on their own," explains Paul Crewe, Head of Sustainability at Sainsbury's.

"On the other hand, there are some more sociable fruits! Cherries are immune to the negative effects of the ethylene produced by others and can therefore be paired with a variety of partners!"

The chart can be viewed online.

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