Lidl packs up 'no longer perfect' veg boxes to cut food waste

Lidl 'Too Good to Waste' box [pic: Twitter]

Lidl is to package up fruit and vegetables 'that are no longer considered at their perfect best' and sell them for just £1.50, in a bid to reduce food waste.

You'll get around 5kg in each 'Too Good to Waste' box, so a lot of bang for your buck – although presumably you won't be able to choose what goes in your box.

The supermarket chain says if its initial trials – in 122 stores – prove successful, the boxes could reduce its surplus by 10,000 tonnes each year.

Lidl adds that 90 per cent of its fruit and vegetables aren't labelled with 'best before' dates anyway, letting customers decide when it's still OK to eat, but additional discounts are now being applied to produce that is labelled.

The budget brand says it set a target in 2017 to reduce food waste by 25 per cent in three years, and has so far managed a 13 per cent reduction.

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