Organic food 'makes people happy'

Dish of organic food

We're all about food that makes us do a #HappyFoodDance and it seems organic food makes people even happier.

According to new research, more than two-thirds of people (68 per cent) say organic food makes them feel happy, apparently because 'it benefits me, it benefits the animals and it benefits the environment' – and among female shoppers this figure rises to 78 per cent.

Some 80 per cent of people reckon food with great taste makes them feel happy, perhaps unsurprisingly, but the Organic Trade Board poll also found consumers were getting their organic happiness from knowing that their food was produced to high animal welfare standards (78 per cent), by environmentally sustainable methods (77 per cent) and in a way that supports farmers (79 per cent).

The stats have been released to coincide with Organic September and a new campaign called Organic. Feed Your Happy fronted by radio and TV presenter Sara Cox.

Organic Feed Your Happy Sara Cox

"I choose organic because I think it tastes better, it's gorgeous, and I think it's good for the animals and good for the planet," she says. "Food grown organically is food as it should be. Give me a knobbly misshapen organic strawberry over the weirdly uniform non-organic ones any day. To put it simply, organic food makes me happy."

Sara, who grew up in a farming family and now has three children of her own, adds: "We want to encourage the nation to join in and share their favourite organic foods at #FeedYourHappy."

The Organic. Feed Your Happy campaign is about promoting organic food, but it seems the public is already into it: according to the Organic Trade Board survey, 64 per cent of consumers want retailers to give more space to support organic food and drink – and for 18- to 25-year-olds this increases to 72 per cent. Some 56 per cent of people don't think there are enough shops selling organic food in their local area, 64 per cent would like more organic options to choose from, and 60 per cent don't think retailers don't provide enough support to UK organic farmers and producers.

Follow #ChooseOrganic and #FeedYourHappy online throughout September for details of events, recipes, special offers and more, plus keep an eye out for Sara Cox's cookery films with chef and food writer Rosie Birkett.

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