PG Tips makes teabags biodegradable

Cup of tea

This is big: PG Tips is removing the plastic from its teabags to make them 100 per cent biodegradable – with the new pyramid bags available now.

PG Tips biodegradable teabags 2

Formerly, polypropylene plastic was used to seal paper bags, meaning they wouldn't decompose like you might expect. But a new material, made from renewable corn starch, is being introduced so you can just chuck used teabags in your food waste bin, if you're lucky enough to have kerbside collections.

Alternatively you can add them to your compost bin, but PG Tips points out that in the cool British climate decomposition might take a while.

Unilever, which owns PG Tips as well as Lipton, says that it will sustainably source 100 per cent of its tea by 2020.

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