Pukka blends new teas to achieve 'herbal bliss'

Pukka Herbs Lean Matcha Green Turmeric Active teas

Pukka Herbs has added two new tea blends to its line-up this month, both containing medicinal-grade herbs.

In Lean Matcha Green (£2.79), get a taste of organic oolong tea and matcha teas which boost the metabolism and even burn fat, says Pukka. Cinnamon helps to balance blood sugar levels while turmeric's anti-inflammatory benefits reduce irritation, heat or pain in the digestive tract. Triphala, ginger and fennel add to the warming cuppa.

"Lean Matcha Green has been blended to lend metabolism a helping hand by naturally boosting it, whilst supporting digestion," says Sebastian Pole, the Co-Founder and Master Herbalist at Pukka Herbs.

"We think that every Pukka cuppa should not only be good for us, but should taste good as well. That's why Lean Matcha Green is made using the finest FairWild, organic herbs to create a deliciously bold and boosting cup of herbal bliss."

Also available from January is 100 per cent organic Turmeric Active (£2.49), a tea that 'is suitable for everyone, from active bodies and sports enthusiasts to desk dwellers and the less mobile', says Sebastian.

Containing 'super-herbs' turmeric, ginger, nettle and galangal, the blend is good for treating inflammation and supporting joints, says Pukka.

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