Recipe: Apple and berry porridge

Blueberries in a square

By Morwenna Kearns

Oh porridge, you grand dame of breakfasts. You've been making a mess of kitchens and going in and out of fashion (much like your signature garment, the kilt) since basically the Big Bang. It's traditionally made with milk, sometimes water (or a combo of the two), but for this recipe I'm using apple juice.

It's actually a concoction of my dairy-hating sister's, who doesn't bother cooking it or chilling it overnight – hers is literally just soggy room-temperature oats in a bowl – but she seems to like it. This is cooked though, so not a million miles away from having apple crumble for breakfast. And, apple juice plus berries equals about one and half portions of fruit, so you're already in on the Five a Day game.

Using frozen blueberries or other frozen fruit keeps it a bit cooler when it's cooking, helping to prevent a sticky boil-over.

Apple and berry porridge

Serves 1


A cup of apple juice (a small coffee mug or whatever)
Half a cup of porridge oats
2 tbsp of frozen blueberries or other frozen berries
1 tbsp of seeds, like sunflower seeds
Sprinkle of ground cinnamon or nutmeg


Chuck the oats, juice and blueberries in a pan and bring to the boil while stirring, OR, put it all in a bowl and shove in the microwave for two minutes.

Stir it a lot and heat it up a bit more if it's still too runny for your liking.

Top with the seeds and spices.

Tip! Try raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants or any other fruit you like except apples to get that extra fruit portion. Those berries will also make the porridge pink or purple, which children (and adults) love.

Another tip! If porridge is too much of a faff, just add berries to cereal like bran flakes, remembering to get them out of the freezer the night before (just put them in a bowl in the fridge), unless you like a brain-freeze first thing. Four tablespoons of blueberries equals one portion of fruit.

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