Recipe: White Goddess Martini

Silver birch trees

In Druid and Celtic mythology, the silver birch tree (Betula Pendula) is known as the Goddess Tree and the Lady of the Woods, who brings light, promise and new beginnings. Druids would tap the birch trees and drink the sap to celebrate the Spring Equinox, which sounds like quite the party.

You can recreate that with the Spring Collection of spirits from Blackdown Distillery in Sussex, which uses the same hand-tapping methods to collect sap during the short period in March and April when the trees 'bleed'.

The Sussex Dry Gin (£27.99) and Silver Birch Vermouth (£24.99) from the range are used in this recipe for White Goddess Martini.

Blackdown Distillery White Goddess Martini


50ml Sussex Dry Gin
25ml Silver Birch Vermouth


Stir until chilled
Garnish with sage leaf

The silver birch is associated with the Celtic goddess Brigid, who represents fertility, love, renewal, protection and purification, so why not raise a toast to her.

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