Review: Halo Thins

Sweet Virtues Halo Thins Balance

By Morwenna Kearns

Did I feel balanced after trying the Himalayan pink salt variety of Halo Thins chocolate from Sweet Virtues? The 'Balance' flavour (as opposed to 'Revive', which contains white tea and peppermint) is certainly satisfying, which is close.

Halo Thins come in smart little recyclable packets of three discs – like giant chocolate buttons – and one is enough for a post-dinner chocolate hit. They are Vegan Society-approved and made in the UK with organic ingredients, namely, in the case of Balance, 67 per cent dark chocolate (made from cacao, cocoa butter and coconut sugar) and Himalayan pink salt. That's it – no refined cane sugar, dairy or artificial additives or preservatives.

Sweet Virtues Halo Thins 2

Balance follows the trend for chocolate with sea salt but is more delicate in flavour, and possibly better for you: Himalayan pink salt contains 84 trace minerals and elements found in the human body. The discs have that amazing dark chocolate scent and a pleasant snap when broken, thanks to the smaller grains of salt inside. Taste-wise, I kept expecting a hit of ginger; it has a similar savoury flavour to Green & Black's ginger bar.

The packaging suggests it's anything but kids' chocolate (plus it's priced at £1.95 for 21g) but not lacking in fun; the Balance pouch kind of looks like a fun parcel, with botanical illustrations and splashes of red. It's a treat, but for grown-ups who enjoy their health as much as their food.

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