Seasonal soup made super-easy with fresh new cookbook

Detail from Seasonal Soups by Fraser Reid

Soup is a great way to experiment with new flavours and explore seasonal fresh produce, so new cookbook Seasonal Soups: A Soup for Every Week of the Year is one to add to your shopping list.

Featuring (you guessed it) 52 vegan-friendly soup recipes, the cookery book by Fraser Reid will take you through the whole year with spring dishes like Alternative Scotch Broth, summer treats like Creamy Courgette, Cashew and Mixed Herb, warming autumn recipes including Thai Sweet Potato and delicious soups for winter like Spicy Kale and Noodle. There are also tips for adding meat and dairy to the recipes, if that's your bag.

Reid Seasonal Soups 2

The author knows his onions: Reid is the owner of Fraser's Fruit & Veg in Dundee, which sells soup ingredient bags as a way of encouraging customers try out new flavours at home.

"Our first soup was a very simple lentil, and as the weeks and years went by our recipes became more creative, elaborate and damn tasty," he says.

"I like to experiment and try out new flavours; I'm constantly thinking – could that meal I just ate be turned into a soup? It's great fun and we try and keep our recipes as simple as possible so people don't have to go searching for obscure ingredients. Soup is simple!"

Seasonal Soups by Fraser Reid (Kitchen Press, £8.99) is out on December 17th 2018.

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