Tesco sees the green light on lemons to cut waste

Tesco lemons

Have you seen green lemons in Tesco? No, not limes – actual lemons, just a little less lemony in colour. They're the next initiative from Tesco to cut food waste (small steps, people).

It's really to do with preventing a potential lemon shortage, which could be serious given that lemons have apparently become almost ten per cent more popular in the last year. Basically, most lemons come from Spain throughout the spring before South Africa takes over as the main supplier in late June, but this year the Spanish harvest has dropped towards the end of the season.

So by stocking the South African lemons a bit earlier – when their skin is still a bit green but they're fine to eat – Tesco is bridging the gap. But it's positive on the food waste front too, because by buying lemons that are a bit younger customers will get a couple of days' extra freshness from their fruit. Eat the rainbow!

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