Watch this: Save Our Spuds

Heart-shaped potato

British household throw away 46 per cent of all the potatoes we buy. That's almost half. Around 730,000 tonnes, or 5.8 million potatoes, or about £230 million worth, every year. Only bread is binned more often.

Given that 43 litres of water and 20 weeks of growing time go into each potato that's pretty wasteful – and apparently the reason is mainly down to decent storage, or lack of it.

This little video from Love Food Hate Waste is part of a bigger campaign called Save Our Spuds, and provides very handy advice on how to stop those little eyes growing on potatoes before you get a chance to eat them. (Spoiler: store them in a cool, dark and airy place in a cloth bag and away from smelly foods – and you can dig out any eyes and eat the remaining spud.)

The Save Our Spuds website has more info on how to salvage ageing potatoes, whether by chopping off green bits, freezing them surplus, or simply using them faster in a host of delicious recipes.
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