Air-con alternative chills out with energy efficiency

EcoAir Zephr fan

There have been a few days this summer where air conditioning seemed a must (we're not holding our breath for any more) but more environmentally friendly options are getting better and better.

EcoAir says its new portable AURA and Zephyr fans use up to 70 per cent less energy than standard electric fans, while offering an extensive 35 speed settings and loads of techy things like a heat temperature sensor, remote control and LED display with night function.

The key to the ultra-efficiency is apparently the fans' use of DC (direct current) rather than the more typical AC (alternating current) which tends to run at about 45 watts. DC uses a mere 0.35 watts to power a EcoAir fan at an ultra-low speed and just 27 watts for the highest setting. That also makes the new models super-quiet at just 27dB, says EcoAir.

The brand also says its fans improve the circulation of heated air in buildings during winter, making your radiators more efficient.

Available in black (AURA) and white (Zephr), EcoAir's new fans (from £79.98) even feature a 'Nature Mode' 'which mimics the outside breeze using different fan wave patterns to enhance calm and relaxation'.

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