Contactless Loogun cleans toilets without chemicals


Following a successful Kickstarter run, new gadget Loogun promises to make cleaning the toilet less gross without the use of chemicals.

The Loogun uses a splash-free jet of clean water to clean the loo without touching it – a bugbear of many British people, 26 per cent of whom consider their traditional bathroom toilet brush the most unhygienic product in their home. Despite this, according to figures released by Loogun, 24 per cent of us can't recall ever changing the brush.

Revoltingly, six per cent (increasing to 14 per cent of Londoners, weirdly) of British adults have caught a child playing with a toilet brush – with Loogun citing stories of people finding kids brushing their teeth with a loo brush and drinking the water in the stand. Ew.

The Loogun (£34.99) uses four rechargeable AA batteries but as it doesn't need to be replaced it saves plastic from going to landfill (because how many people put their old toilet brushes in the recycling bin?) and doesn't need chemicals, just around 50ml of water per use. It will be available to buy online from June 12th.

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