Copper load of these straws: Ebonymoon hand-makes plastic alternatives

Ebonymoon copper drinking straws

Plastic straws? No, thank you – especially since discovering these ridiculously pretty copper versions. Handmade in the Western Cape of South Africa, Ebonymoon's copper drinking straws are recyclable and practical, thanks to their natural properties.

"Copper has proven natural anti-microbial properties so is perfect in your kitchen and as an alternative material for straws," says Monique Nienaber, Ebonymoon's Owner and Goldsmith.

Copper straws can just be washed with warm water and soft detergents – 'because of their antimicrobial properties harsh chemicals are not necessary' says Monique.

Ebonymoon copper straws 2

She adds: "Globally, restaurants, bars and cities are voluntarily banning plastic straws. Everyone needs to do their part to protect the environment and marine life – do yours and use a reusable straw for your summer cocktails and soft drinks."

Ebonymoon's copper straws are being exhibited at a London retail show next month, so expect to see them in your smoothie soon.

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