Create a new kitchen ecosystem with Biovessel

Bionicraft Biovessel

Apparently we create 100kg of kitchen scraps per household while preparing meals every year, which is pretty yikes-worthy. If you're lucky enough to have a garden compost bin or kerbside collection, awesome – you're saving that food waste from going to landfill and generating a load of horrible greenhouse gases.

But if you don't, there's a new option. Currently available on Kickstarter, Biovessel is essentially a worktop wormery that turns your potato peelings into lovely soil from which you can grow plants, either in the vessel itself or in your existing plant pots.

The developer, Taiwanese start-up Bionicraft, says it doesn't smell any more than 'the slight scent of fresh soil after rain', and its wooden top and sleek design makes it pretty enough to have on display.

Here's a video with more info and jaunty music.

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