Crisscross flatpack furniture designed to move and grow

Crisscross furniture

Crisscross is one of those ideas you kick yourself for not having. It's a range of modular furniture that can be easily taken apart to transport and then re-built without tools – making it ideal for students and other people who move house a lot – and adapts to meet your needs as they change.

It's been designed and manufactured in the UK, made using wood from FSC-certified forests and is fully recyclable, but the key to its sustainability is its flexibility – imagine no more trips to Ikea when your flatpack furniture falls to pieces or you need more storage. Just imagine.  

Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where a pledge from £29 gets you a DIY component kit and £79 buys a full bedside table kit, Crisscross is available in nine different size panels and four different colours.

Here's an amusing video: